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Military tents, relief tents, tent project

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قوانغتشو، الصين الخيام anranr منتجات الشركة المحدودة . مجموعة التصميم والإنتاج والتركيب والمبيعات و خدمات ما بعد البيع بشكل رئيسي . المنتجات هي والخيام الكبيرة ، والخيام الزفاف، انزلاق خيمة ، معرض خيمة ، خيمة الحزب، خيمة عرس ، خيمة الحدث ، خيمة الأوروبية ، مصنع خيمة ، مرحلة الجمالون مصنع anranr خيمة ، خيمة المنازل والخيام المخروطية ، التخييم الخيام . في المعيار المهني وجودة الخدمات هي التطور الطبيعي لل مسار التنمية المستدامة.

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      China anranr spirit of the tent : hard work,the Billiton,pragmatic,innovative !

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◆ Folding tent. Telescopic shade canopies. Large exhibition room. Exhibition, Private use products !

العربية خيم ، الطرف الخيام ، والخيام ، وبسرعة تصل الخيام ، والخيام في الهواء الطلق ، الذراع المظلات ، قماش المظلات ، المظلات ، المظله مظله الكهرباءيه ، متنقله للطي الخيام ، مظله ثابتة ، للطي الذراع المظلات ، انبوبي التحكم في المحركات ، والإعلانات والخيام ، وخيمة معرض الفن المظله ، الباحة المظله ، المتأزم غشاء الخيام ، اللوحه ، شفافة الباب الشاشه ، ,الثابتة, والخيام, الستارة الكهرباءيه، مصنع الخيمه,المهنيه الخيام,اعلان الخيامجوال قابل للانهيار الخيام، انشطه الظله والمعرض
ميدان خيمة، مصنع مجال المنتجات الخيام فى قوانغتشو ، مجموعة التصميم والإنتاج والتركيب وخدمة ما بعد البيع. المنتجات المظلات قابل للسحب (كرنك المظلة)، خيمة المظلة، المتأزم هيكل الغشاء، وخيمة، خيمة، خيمة دفع سحب، خيمة الإعلانات ، ولطي خيمة ، ويلقي الصلب ، وتصنيع الجمالون ومصانع الصلب، عن الإعلان في الهواء الطلق لتعزيز الحرير الخام، والاحتفال الأنشطة والمعارض وغيرها من الخيام معرض كبير، والتصنيع والبناء. خيام ميدانية مع المعايير المهنية وتحسين الخدمات التي نبني الطريق الضرورية للتنمية المستدامة. خيمة
الميدانية، في توفير الطاقة بناء حديثة ومبتكرة قابل المظلة في الهواء الطلق، مثل المظلات اليدوية والكهربائية ، والمتداول التحكم في الجهاز. مع المبتكر ومنتجاتها الملكية الخاصة ، والشمسيات دايجون، على الترويج لأفكار جديدة، والطاقة، والأزياء ، حياة فريدة ومريحة، والشمس يوفر الحلول التقنية الأكثر عملية. المظلات الذكي في الهواء الطلق، والخيام الميدان، التصميم والإنتاج ، بما في ذلك قابل للسحب المظلات والخيام المظلة والخيام من الملوثات العضوية الثابتة، للطي خيمة، انزلاق خيام وخيام المعرض، والهياكل غشاء المتأزم ومصانع الصلب، يملك في الصين وبلدان أخرى التسويق.

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after-sales service quality standards
1. Tents emphasis on field service, service system and the development of relevant incentive mechanism, once the service personnel meet standards or high standards, to be reflected in the staff of the reward and punishment, this is the most basic of all service work prerequisite. 2, service personnel standards: in our industry in sales, management or technical production over five years, the high level of knowledge, with a college education, their own cultivation of
good, strong learning ability and self-improvement requirements. 3, the assessment of the work of the principle of service: service
to customer service every time after completing all the work done recording, and once a month to report to the leadership, the failure to complete service work required by the customer complaints, should be punished .
UNHCR tents contacts us Relief tents:outdoor tents,Quick put up tents, iron pieces and waterproof fabric structure.
Emergency use, size can be customized.Tent factory.
Military Tents : Military tents,outdoor tents,assembly tents,Quick put up tents, iron pieces and waterproof fabric structure. Emergency use, size can be customized。tents company . tentes .
anranr new tents. June 2008 12 evening 8:00, the Ministry of Civil Affairs disaster relief reserve center (the Ministry of Civil Affairs disaster relief material reserves Library) - Guangdong field sunshades room tent factory - relief tents in southern China production base: take relief goods orders preparations for the Treasury, an emergency
allocation of 10000 Top disaster relief sent to the special tent Chuanwen Chuan four earthquake-stricken areas. After receiving the mission, I sunshades factory start to make the plans to allocate disaster relief materials, factory
technical engineer in command of relief supplies on-site preparations for the head of the command and mobilization of all workers, 10,000 tents overnight shipment sent to the four-Chuan Wenchuan earthquake-stricken areas. the railway
authorities give the green light to priority SiChuan Wenchuan sent to the earthquake-stricken area. - anranr Express tents.
HonestyIntegrity services To consolidate the results of the work, the building of a harmonious enterprise, the promotion of social credibility construction, field tents will be operating in 2007 as a "good faith, rest assured that consumption", to take pragmatic measures to standardize the operation, integrity, and consciously safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of users, Constantly improve the quality of service levels. The relevant matters are as follows: First, the guiding ideology of tents. Second, operate the tentThird, to oversee the implementation of organization and leadership.
Fourth,overall arrangements for the tents
"Honesty, rest assured that the consumer" action will be implemented in phases.
(A) prepare for the deployment phase of the field tent (December 2006) (B) field implementation phase of the tent (in 2007 the first and second quarter) (C) to enhance the consolidation phase of the field tents (the third quarter of 2007) tents, the service concept!!! Ota spirit of the tent - "open up, pragmatic and innovative" ...
Ota purpose of the tent - the "customers first, the credibility of the first-class service
factory anranr tent Guangzhou, China anranr tents Products Co., Ltd.. Set design, production, installation, sales and after-
sales service as a whole. Products are telescopic canopy, Atrium-style window canopies, mobile folding canopy, and Latin American Film canopy, Kabu Long (Sunny board) canopy, Caiwa canopy, PVC tile canopy and large advertising signs.
The professional standard and quality of services is in the first class.
We specially make awning, awning is the most popular product among foreign trade. The quality achievement is
outstanding,Design→production→Quality control→packaging ... ... Contact→See kind→Orders→Production→Shipment→
Services Calls Advisory welcome more. . . . . .
◇ no matter how the world changes , field tents! You as long as a phone, you can enjoy the field tents. Whether now or in the future He will always be in good faith, low cost, high quality, efficient, fast service purposes, in order to win your business,it is our pleasure to serve for you,your satisfaction is our duty. We will always put the interests
of customers in the first place, for a better tomorrow!
◇ In recent years, our company is also committed to corporate information and network-building, built to serve the entire network of internal information delivery systems,In-house information service will be extended to customer service in the industry one step ahead.
◇ field tents commitment to customers on time, safe, fast, objects to ensure the safety and quick.
Management system tents, a passionate marketing team!
First, field tents under the concern of his career:
1,more self-confidence, Tent field marketing, should have a career full of passion, a passion of the marketing team is the team dynamic.
2, subordinate to the creation of learning opportunities, innovative work.
3, field tents to encourage independent thinking and subordinate the spirit of teamwork.
4, boss of a storm in a teacup and a big issue to do, let go under in the right direction.
Second,create a warm and harmonious family atmosphere.
2, understanding of the trust, support and encouragement to do under the strong backing.
3, the use of scientific criticism and praise, Boss good at using the recognition and criticism, praise and criticism
to become a "tool", under the supervision and promotion of the development of the subordinate's development Will not do
any harm.
4, love to talk about principles, responsibility, the system is a yardstick.
5, use the opportunity of subordinates anniversary to increase feeling.6 to form a marketing team affiliated with the
interaction between the family and close contact.
Ota departments:
1 manager of the Department → → Production Technology Business → → General → Department of the Ministry of Finance
2 export business - domestic sales - after-sales service team
Power sunshades: electric retractable sunshades, electric telescopic canopies, outdoor sunshades. Aluminum alloy with
special waterproof fabric structure can be opened step by step. Professional manufactured, priced supplier, the product
easy to install easy to use, easy to transport packaging, can be made large or small. Cases of electrical engineering,
intelligent control procedures, energy-saving products . Awnings & canopy.
Folded tents, mobile tents, beach tents, tents quickly, outdoor tents, tarpaulins and formwork structure can be used anytime, anywhere, removable, temporary use, the shop can be used. This product is easy to use, easy to transport
packaging, used to shade , variety of models. tent company.
Tent fabric: sunshades: retractable sunshades, folded tents, tents, advertising, exhibition room tents, electric sunshades, sunshades accessories, tents material. Exclusive fabrics. UV, mold, anti-corrosion, anti-aging, anti-static,
etc. . Tents & awnings.
Disaster relief tents: assembly of tents, tents engineering and construction tents, emergency tents, tents erected quickly, DIY tents, outdoor tents, the use of extensive formwork structure of the assembly and waterproof fabric. Size
can be customized. Tent factory. Retractable sunshades: telescopic canopy. Sunshades. Sunshades manually. Electric sunshades, the two models. Outdoor sunshades, aluminum alloy profiles and special waterproof fabric structure can be
opened step by step, with the use of professional manufacturing factory, Priced supply of this product easy to install easy to use, easy to transport packaging, size can be made. Energy-saving products. Canopy & awnings.
Sunshades motor: electric retractable sunshades, power sunshades, built-in CPU chips imported motor processing, intelligent control procedures for cases of the Department of Electrical Engineering. Can be gradually open, co-use,
invisible installation, water-resistant and dust. Durable, but also other functions. then add the remote control feature. the people-oriented concept. Energy-saving products. Canopy & awnings.
Housing exhibition tents: POP canopy rooms, assembly tents, canopies exhibition rooms, large tents, removable tents, outdoor tents for the exhibition, squares, factories and commercial and assembly activities. Waterproof fabric
structure of the assembly. In emergency situations use, size can be customized. tent company tent room
--China Movable tents
With hob and waterproof fabric structure, and multiple models,
this product is folding movable, and could be used temporarily, anytime and anywhere, or by
shops market for sheltering withstand sunshine and rain.
★ In accordance with the customer uses the design production
★ You are welcomed to order or book our products by telephone or visit us personally.
★ We specially deal with the sale of awning and tent, and awning is the most popular product
among foreign trade.

◇ We shade products is Global trade suppliers
◇ The quality achievement is outstanding
◇ We believe that the quality is the soul of an enterprise
◇ China New Style Retractable Awnings (canopy)
◇ A waterproof fabric and iron structure, folding tents, mobile tents。
◇ Factories priced. easy to install this product easy to use, easy to transport packaging,
size can be customized.
◇ We specially deal with the sale of awning and tent, and awning is the most popular
product among foreign
◇ You are welcomed to order or book our products by telephone or visit us personally.
eaves awnings china, outdoor tents china welcome african and middle east friend of our !

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Folding tent. Telescopic shade canopies. Large exhibition room. Exhibition, Private use products! Guangzhou, China folding tents, feue exhibition supplies, folding tents, tents, special exhibits supporting supplies, advertising tents, manual and electric shade canopies, tents feue factories, quality assurance, tents, and direct sell in the international. Including patio screen canopy, stretching shade canopies, tensioned membrane, the exhibition canopy. Tents, and also welcomes custom design, we will as soon as possible Availability。

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